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    Products in the sport medicine (zhejiang) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: product camfrog), the current products by cuhk health investment co., LTD and zhejiang pharmaceutical co., LTD. Jointly owned property cuhk, affiliated to the listed companies property zhongda group co., LTD.

    Product cuhk group, a super listed state-owned enterprise, zhejiang provincial group is committed to be China supply chain integration services guide, wisdom, which owns nearly more than 400 member companies, 2022 "fortune" 120 of the world's top 500. Product large medical health investment co., LTD is a wholly owned subsidiary products cuhk group level, the company around the medical and health services, promoting medical industry chain layout. Product cuhk system there are several general hospital (jinhua city people's hospital, nursing homes, and a number of public and private medical institutions is still in expanding supply chain services).

    Product camfrog is engaged in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, food, health care pharmaceutical distribution enterprises, distribution business covering 11 district in the province and more than 20 provinces and cities is YaoXie supply chain well-known enterprises in the province. By the second quarter of 2022, according to the pharmaceutical distribution enterprises and distribution situation of public hospital institutions in zhejiang province, camfrog in leading the products, services the entire province all public medical institutions, private medical institutions and pharmacies, more than 5000 commercial distribution relationship has reached more than 10000 varieties.

    Products, provide the products in a big group, under the leadership of efforts for health products in full on the wisdom of medicines and chemical reagents, equipment, consumables supply chain system make important contributions to the cuhk and high-quality domestic resources will be fully integrated the products, construction covers the health of the whole industry chain closed-loop ecological system, constantly to grow, become the efficiency and quality, the user satisfaction of large comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise.